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This is your source for Cavalier King Charles information. I am a Cavalier Breeder based in Houston, Texas. Through this website, I hope to share with you some of my experiences that I have had with these wonderful Cavalier King Charles dogs and puppies! If you wish for more Cavalier King Charles information, please e-mail me at

We have combined traits and qualities of the top blood lines in the World to produce Healthy, Beautiful puppies, with well rounded diverse pedigrees for our Show Dogs and Pets. These include such famous lines as Homerbrent, Hurleaze, Grantilly, Maibee, Pinecrest & Ravenrush, and Ricksbury for a healthy beautiful pet you will be proud of.

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Cavalier King Charles Puppies and Dogs

This wonderful spaniel type puppy can be found in the great works of artists such as Stubbs, Gainsborough, and Reynolds. These wonderful pets were especially enjoyed under the Reign of Charles I and II. It has been written that Charles II would rather play with his pets than take care of business. There is a lot of great history written about this breed in many good books.
David and Philip with Cavalier Puppies

Deep in the Heart of Texas with David and Phillip

David and Phillip are my two adopted sons. David is from Guatemala and Phillip is from India. I tease them about being my "Two Imports". I've had them since they were babies.

Miss Goodie gave me my first homebred Champion, Frangellica, in a litter sired by Mayfield Double Triple.

Champion Frangellica of Madaan Cavaliers
Marcella is shown taking a Best of Breed under Breeder/Judge, Marilyn Mayfield. Sired by Mayfield Double Triple.

Marcella  wins best of breed

Taking Care of Cavalier Dogs or Puppies

Cavalier King Charles PuppyCavaliers are a dream to take care of. Cleanliness is very important. They love to be clean. We wash them and they literally drip dry. I've always referred to them as Wash & Wear. Madaan Cavalier PuppiesThey are glamorous enough to appeal to the glamorous, yet sporty enough to appeal tothe sporty. Cavalier dogs are shown naturally and require no clipping or scissoring. These wonderful cavalier puppies are a joy to care for. My cavaliers are lovingly and professionally handled by Karen Newman.

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I have been involved raising and showing pedigree dogs for more than 30 years and have obtained AKC Championships on many dogs.

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· Homes are carefully screened
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As I love my Cavaliers so dearly, we understand your need to know more about me and the Cavalier as an addition to your family. We attend to our emails regularly. If you have any questions or concerns please write us and we will reply quickly. Thank you in advance for your questions or comments.

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